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Old Town Dog Training in Charleston SC Programs Really Work! 

Old Town Dog Training in Charleston offers highly skilled professional dog training for all dogs, including every type of breed, character, size and age. We are able to treat the toughest behavioral challenges such as aggression and acute anxiety in canines. We are also present courses in obedience skills and puppy training, as well as focus on a number of other challenges you and your dog may experience. Our trainer is dedicated to enable dogs and their owners to reach attainable goals, and we will stay and work with you until every one of them is successfully mastered.

Professional Dog Training in Charleston SC

At Old Town Dog Training, our professional dog training sessions do not only focus on fixing current canine behavior issues, but they are also set up to prevent those negative patterns from developing in the first place. Your dog will develop new skills, abilities and positive habits, such as maintaining their cool around other dogs or when other exciting distractions present.

Initially, the optimum place for you and your dog is at home. Your dog’s own home environment will be the safest and most productive place for them to develop and learn new skills and behaviors. We present in-home dog training for all kinds of issues as Old Town Dog Training Programs are specifically designed for each dog.

Training in the Real World

After you and your dog have completed the in-home basic training, we will then venture outside and practice learning around typical conditions in the community. The lessons we will seek to put your dog through will be uniquely designed for your dog to test the new knowledge and behavior that has been imparted.

At Old Town Dog Training, our ultimate goal is to ensure that your dog is not only mastering new skills, but is also able to perform and choose the correct positive actions and behaviors even under rigorous circumstances.

We begin the learning journey by meeting with you and your dog so that we can closely monitor and assess your dog’s actions and attitudes in its home environment. It is necessary for the trainer to be able to discover what kind of family situation your dog is experiencing; what is the relationship the dog has with the rest of the family and any goals and expectations everyone has for your dog. 

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 Training that Gets Results!

At Old Town Dog Training, we want to show you how fun and rewarding it can be to discover the positive and harmonious relationship potential between you and your dog and its community.

Call us and we will schedule your in-home consultation—anywhere in the Charleston area. So, call us and tell us about your dog at 800.649.7297, or write to us using our contact form.



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