Charleston Dog Training Success Stories

Thank you so much for your help with Kirby. We had to idea what we could do with him and his aggression issues. After talking with you and hearing how the program wants we immediately felt at ease. Now a few months later, Kirby is no longer aggressive and we can take him anywhere. We are beyond thankful for our vet referring us to Old Town Dog Training. Keep up the great work!

-Ashley S.

Old Town Dog Training is the best dog training company in the area. I worked with several other trainers trying to solve my dog’s food aggression. I was just told to put him in the other room when he was eating, that didn’t work because he started guarding other things in the house. When I called Old Town Dog Training they assured me that my dog was not the only dog out there with this issue, and that they could get it corrected once and for all. I’m so happy my vet referred me to Old Town Dog Training, my dog’s aggression is gone and we are so much happier for it. Thanks again!!!

-Robert G.

Wow is all we have to say! Casey was so out of control and disobedient when we first called Old Town Dog Training. She has done a complete turn around since we started training. She was so much for us to handle, but now we feel completely different about our relationship with her. We are very happy to be a part of the Old Town Dog Training success stores. If you have a dog in need of training definitely give them a call, you won’t regret it!

Sam R.

I was about to get rid of my dog and then I happened upon Old Town Dog Training, I’m glad I did. Right from the beginning I knew I had called the right place, they were very informative and made me feel hopeful about my dog. My dog had very severe separation anxiety, when I called other dog trainers they told me this issue could not be corrected. That was not the case when I called Old Town Dog Training. The program was totally customized for my dog and myself, the scheduling is very flexible, too. Every lesson I felt more and more comfortable with my dog and her progress, the best part is that it didn’t take long to start seeing the results. I’m happy to report my girl has been cured from her separation anxiety and we are BOTH happy together! Thank you so much Old Town Dog Training!!!

-Kathy P.