Puppy Training

Our Charleston SC Puppy Training Plan Will Get Results!

You just got a puppy – Congratulations! After the initial overwhelming love and attention that your puppy is sure to receive from everyone, it’s never too soon to begin showing your newest family member the ropes. Housebreaking and simple training exercises can begin the first time you bring your puppy home. By introducing a new and positive approach to learning, Old Town Dog Training will enable your puppy to practice these good behaviors for its entire life. An expert puppy trainer from Old Town Dog Training can guide you and your puppy along those crucial first learning steps.

When your puppy has reached that 8 to 16-week critical learning stage it is essential that you make time to set up a lessons. This is how you can avoid future negative behaviors and still have fun with your new pup!

There are a lot of trendy in-store puppy training programs put together and offered by minimally qualified staff. However, Old Town Dog Training dog trainers give your puppy the equally professional training they make available to all of their clients.

It is essential to start your puppy training with an in-home consultation so that the trainer can evaluate environment and surroundings your puppy experiences on a daily basis. Once this initial observation is complete, your puppy’s trainer will create a unique and custom training program for you to pursue.

Many varieties of puppy training theories and concepts persist and that can become confusing. A weak foundation for your puppy can often lead to negative behavioral issues that persist once your dog is older. Your Old Town Dog trainer will create a solid and verified foundation course to help you educate and guide your puppy. They will also and help to clarify information and answer questions about your puppy’s specific training that may occur. With our trainer’s help you and your puppy will be a  secure and confident team and a good grounding is the first step in that direction.

How about other group puppy training classes?

Puppy classes include other young dogs who are also learning  their own lessons in behavior and socialization. However, these courses cannot possibly address the complete picture of your puppy’s living situation and daily environment. Like small children, each puppy has very specific individual learning styles, so it is essential that your puppy’s early education is carefully tailored to your puppy’s unique traits and behaviors their own environment. This is why in-home training is a key element in early education for dogs.

puppy training in charleston sc
puppy training charleston sc

 Getting Started

At Old Town Dog Training, we love introducing puppies to their first lessons and helping them become happy, well-adjusted dogs. Call Old Town Dog Training today at 800.649.7297 to set up a consultation or write a note on our contact form. We are here to help you and your new puppy as you begin your exciting journey together!



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