In-Home Dog Training

Our Charleston In-home Dog Training Programs are World-Class

At Old Town Dog Training, our in-home dog training is an effective method to help you and your dog address and improve your dog’s negative behavior issues. Our in-home training approach has produced positive results for many dogs located throughout Charleston. We’re here to offer you and your dog that same chance to conquer a number of common bad habits, before they get worse.

When a dog has bad habits and misbehaves it causes anxiety, tension and constant worry for everyone involved. Even the dog suffers, because it too becomes enmeshed in the nervous tension its poor actions have produced.  Even if your dog’s behavioral issues seem minor, our trainers at Old Town Dog Training approach all levels of training with patience and care.

The main problem with not properly training your dog is that “minor” problems such as misbehaving on walks, barking, nipping, inappropriate jumping or not listening, can result in dogs abandoned to shelters and even euthanized.

The reasons for these unfortunate scenarios are caused by some of the following reasons:

  • Dog owners give up or are misinformed and don’t think the problems can ever be solved.
  • Dog owners don’t perceive the issues to be large enough to warrant the need for a dog trainer.
  • Many dog trainers wrongly presume that the dog’s behavioral problems are not solvable because they themselves believe there is no solution.

But our staff at Old Town Dog Training believe strongly that you and your dog deserve better. We want you to know that our service is about devising a manageable state of being and improved conduct with your dog

Examples of things to alleviate through our in-home training programs include:

  • Bad manners: Jumping up on visitors or young children
  • Leash issues: Pulling, not walking compliantly, chasing other dogs
  • Separation anxiety: A secure and happily trained dog does not cry and bark when left alone.
  • Aggressive behavior: Towards other people, dogs or food
  • Not listening or obeys orders inconsistently: Your dog must be able to remain seated and stay put under your command under all circumstances


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Advantages of In-home Dog Training 

When assessing your dog’s demeanor and personality, we will study and examine all of the details in your dog’s environment and daily routine. This in-home evaluation is key as these observations will help to build a strong foundation towards the most successful learning path for you and your dog.

Once the observation and evaluation stage has been completed and presented, we begin training in the home. After that, once your dog is comfortable with these sessions the public lessons are steadily introduced. Public lessons continue the teaching in a one-on-one environment with the added enhancement of several “real life” situations introduced into your dog’s education.

Presenting  your dog with these new challenges will reinforce that in-home home training is not just a temporary answer, but a permanent shift in your dog’s behavior. Our trainers at Old Town Dog Training are dedicated and excited to show you how to get to this ultimately  happier and more rewarding life with your dog.

What about the Board and Train Alternative?

Several dog trainers will board your dog at their kennels and train your dog themselves. The idea is that when the sessions are over, you will go and collect a trained dog. This model for training your dog may or may not have the ideal outcome, but we strongly believe that it is not an essential factor in dog training.

In fact, the most effective and lasting dog training occurs when there is owner participation. We are equipped and experienced to help you to play a role as being your dog’s ultimate trainer. We never want to just hand you a trained dog; we teach you how to be empowered enough to train your dog.

To book an evaluation or for further questions, give us a call at 800.649.7297. Or drop a line with questions on our contact form.



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