Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines – Dog Training for New Parents in Charleston SC

Dogs and children are often the greatest of friends and form close bonds that last for many years. But there are certain situations where a dog is either unfamiliar or has not experienced sharing a home with an infant or small child and this can produce problems.

Are you a parent or guardian of small children and a dog or looking to combine a dog and young child in the same household in the near future? What is the best way to introduce your dog to a new baby or small child?

 What is Cribs and Canines?

Our Old Town Dog Training Cribs and Canines series is one of the best programs in your area for new parents. Why? Because our trainers care that you and your whole household can live peacefully without the anxiety of uncertain or unpredictable behavior from your dog. Our dog trainer is experienced experts who know the formula for combining people and dogs into a solid family unit. This is a superior program for those who are expecting to become parents or already have a small child.

When you enroll into the Cribs and Canine’s course, you are taking the first step and preparing your dog to meet its newest and youngest family member. The program is about educating and guiding you as the owner and parent on how to create a harmonious relationship between your dog and baby. At Old Town Dog Training, we will teach you how to set up a consistent and positive behavior pattern for your dog to follow. Expectant parents can begin to set up these guidelines before and after the baby’s arrival.

Here is a sample of training components you will learn in Cribs and Canines:

  • Basic obedience and manners: never allowed to jump up onto expectant mother or turn the baby’s crib into its own doggie bed; no roughhousing, jealousy, dominant attitude or antagonistic behavior towards the new baby or small child; no competing for food or taking toys away from the baby, etc.
  • Actual challenges and actions reflecting real life: your dog will succeed in sharing walks with you and the baby, whether you carry the baby or have it in a stroller.  Your dog will learn to master its impulse control when your attention is on the baby. The dog will successfully gain confidence and react calmly and behave mildly with its new young family member.
  • Owner empowerment and education is key, as the owner and parent can develop a reward-based system that is steady and constant both before and after the arrival of your baby or young child. As a dog owner and new parent, you will be prepared with the right skills and confidence to follow, so that your family can enjoy a peaceful home!
dog training for new parents
dog training for new parents in charleston sc

Get Started 

    Old Town Dog Training is looking forward to sharing the beneficial skills with and empowerment tools of Cribs and Canines with you and your dog.  Give us a call today! This program is designed for either current parents that are having trouble coping with existing negative behavior from their dog, or expectant parents who are looking to provide a balanced home for their dog and future baby. Our office number is 800.649.7297, or email us.


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