Puppy Training at Old Town Dog Training is Not an Option  

“I can train a puppy myself, because it’s young and impressionable.”

“Our puppy is just going through a stage right now…”

“It’s puppy energy, that’s all.”

Puppy owners all start out with big expectations and many of them feel as though they can do the training all by themselves. Some even think they can read a book or watch a video and become adept at something that usually requires years of training.

Old Town Dog Training Charleston SC offers a puppy training program for puppies over 7 weeks old. Training a puppy needs more than just patience and love and by improperly training your puppy, you could actually impede the animal from living a normal life. Our puppy training program here at Old Town Dog Training Charleston SC is designed to enable puppy owners to easily and consistently get the results they want from their puppy.

By  demonstrating the basic principles to you while clearly explaining the techniques we use to instill appropriate behaviors into your puppy’s life, we all win. The training goals we set for you and your puppy are things he or she will follow for its entire life. By properly training your puppy now, you will be able to alleviate many potentially serious issues in the future–like aggressive or anxious behavior.

As a highly-trained, very knowledgeable dog trainer, I strongly believe that puppy training is absolutely vital to the ongoing overall health of your dog. It’s not just about keeping my schedule full, but  more about helping puppies as they enter the real world full of pitfalls and obstacles on the perilous journey to maturity.

There are a lot of dogs sitting in shelters right now, because they developed behavioral problems and their owners could not keep them anymore. It’s a heartbreaking situation, but it sadly happens literally every day all over the country.

Old Town Dog Training loves puppies!While at a seminar with a dog trainer in Raleigh we talked about how many owners that try to make puppy training a do-it-yourself project or work with a trainer for a few lessons to teach their puppy a few basic things are okay, but are they effective in the long run? Our puppy training goes a little further and drills a little deeper to really find the main issues and pinpoint viable solutions for each. One of the things I want to do is educate puppy owners about how to be reliable, because that gives these young dogs the peace of mind and confidence they desire.

If you feel that puppy training is something that isn’t essential or something that can happen naturally or organically, please think twice. If you want to have a good long life with your dog, you should start training it as a puppy. Do it now and avoid drama down the road.

There’s NO reason to hesitate while your puppy continually fails. So, let’s meet asap and outline what we can all achieve together. You will look back in 8-10 years from now and thank us for telling you that puppy training is actually not an option.

Looking for this type of trainer and training program?  Call us at 800-649-7297 to schedule your first lesson and let’s get that puppy trained.