In-Home Training: The Most Effective Dog Training Approach

For the best and most effective dog training, Old Town Dog Training provides Charleston in-home dog training that helps all dogs with ANY type of behavioral problem. While we offer group classes at select locations, our primary approach for dog training is in-home because we find this to be the most effective way to help owners and train their dogs.

in-home dog training for GSDWhen you enlist in one of our Charleston in-home dog training programs, both your dog AND you will be trained. Our goal is to ensure your dog can overcome their behavioral problems and learn better behaviors that will last a lifetime. For dog owners that seek this same goal, it is critical that they understand the consistency of dog training and how to apply it themselves with their own dogs. Not only will our in-home dog training help owners become skilled handlers themselves, it will also cement the trusting and loving bond between owner and dog. When a dog can see their owner set them up for success and show them how to be better, the dog will consistently follow their owner’s direction and learn to trust them more.

In-home dog training ultimately guarantees behavioral success, provided the owner is consistent and committed to the success. Our Charleston dog trainer will meet you and your dog prior to training to assess your goals and your dog’s behaviors to then create a customized training plan to caters to your individual needs and lifestyle. All our Charleston in-home dog training is also commitment-based, which simply means that our Charleston trainer will work with you and your dog until you achieve success together. We will not limit the number of lessons your dog receives, as we want to give every dog a chance to be successful. All dogs are different and we understand they have different needs and some may require different amounts of time to learn and adapt.

At Old Town Dog Training, our in-home puppy training will teach you how to start your puppy on the right paw, with all the basic commands, potty training, desensitization exercises, leash walking, etc. Dogs who have grown out of puppyhood and are experiencing behavioral problems can enroll in our in-home basic obedience program, in-home aggressive dog training program, or if even our Cribs and Canines program, which is suitable for owners who are expecting a new baby and want to to work on their dog’s behavior in preparation.

Are you in Charleston or surrounding areas and need not only dog training, but dog training that will empower both you and your dog to overcome behavioral problems together? Call Old Town Dog Training at 800.649.7297 or e-mail us using our contact form!