In-Home Training: The Most Effective Dog Training Approach

In-Home Training: The Most Effective Dog Training Approach For the best and most effective dog training, Old Town Dog Training provides Charleston in-home dog training that helps all dogs with ANY type of behavioral problem. While we offer group classes at select locations, our primary approach for dog training is in-home because we find this … Continued

Training Dogs And Their People

Training Dogs And Their People  We are extremely proud of the success rate of our Charleston dog training programs. There are many factors contributing to our success: reward-based methods, a compassionate and skilled trainer, zero time limits when it comes to the training, and having relationships with our network Canine Trade Group and the veterinary … Continued

Puppy Training at Old Town Dog Training is Not an Option

Puppy Training at Old Town Dog Training is Not an Option   “I can train a puppy myself, because it’s young and impressionable.” “Our puppy is just going through a stage right now…” “It’s puppy energy, that’s all.” Puppy owners all start out with big expectations and many of them feel as though they can do the … Continued