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Charleston Aggressive Dog Training Programs Help Save Dogs  

Having an aggressive dog can be stressful for you and the animal. A dog will display aggression for various reasons and in some cases there can be several causes. If you’ve adopted a dog for whatever reason, your dog’s history or background is a mystery, so who knows what could cause its aggression. In these cases, many owners just give up. But fear not–if you own an aggressive dog, we can help you at Old Town Dog Training by guiding you and your dog toward a more peaceful coexistence by using proper and complete training methods.

Old Town Dog Training specializes in providing an aggressive dog training program tailored to improve your canine’s unique temperament and behaviors.

A dog will often display aggressive behavior caused by unresolved stress , or because it is anxious and doesn’t know how to react appropriately. Some dogs who struggle with aggression have acquired their bad habits during their puppy stage when overly dominant behavior was not checked. Puppies get spoiled because they’re cute, but when they grow up, the trouble begins if they are not properly trained.

You probably already know  that your dog’s aggression is not only a great nuisance but it can also be serious hazard. Just like with humans, a dog will display hostile behavior for a number of various and often mysterious reasons. Our Old Town Dog trainers are experts at detecting these undermining causes of your dog’s aggression. Once those factors have been detected and evaluated, our trainers can help to steer your dog away from these highly negative and destructive behaviors.

The ultimate issue is that there are solutions to breaking aggressive behavior in dogs. We begin by having one of our trainers visit with you and your dog at home. This initial visit allows the trainer to study and monitor your dog’s actions and learn more about your daily home environment, routines and living situation. This evaluation will pinpoint your dog’s specific challenges and become the foundation on which to build your dog’s positive and healthy behavior.

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Built on basic obedience training and then tailored to address your dog’s aggressive demeanor, Old Town Dog Training has a program that will help you to achieve lasting results. So, call us at 800.649.7297 or send a message using our contact form if you’re ready to have us partner with you and your dog in solving aggressive behavior now!


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