Welcome to Old Town Dog Training Charleston SC – Expert In-home Dog Training!

Featuring one of the finest Charleston dog trainers in the area, Old Town Dog Training provides a wide range of in-home, professional dog training services to all of Charleston, SC.

Old Town Dog Training Charleston SC offers several in-home dog training programs. By offering a wide range of successful training programs that are specifically designed for dogs of any age, breed or disposition, Old Town Dog Training achieves what other training services often cannot. By tapping into our knowledge accumulated over decades of working with dogs from all over the world, Old Town Dog Training is able to quickly surmise a dogs’ issues and develop a training regime that will set up your dog for success!

Why have our methods been continually recommended by vets for many years?

Well, the answer is simple–we make your dog’s training a priority and success is our only option. There is no reason to alter your life one iota as you live around your dog’s issues. If other trainers or your friends and family are telling you that your dog cannot be trained, fear not–we love proving people wrong. We won’t give up on any dog ever–because we know that they can be trained, regardless of the issues facing them.

Old Town Dog Training works with dogs of ALL ages. Training your dog is not a “one size fits all” situation and other many other trainers may try to tell you that their plan is the only way to go. But, we know from our experience that each animal’s circumstances are different and that by not accommodating them with specific training modalities, they are set up for failure.

At Old Town Dog Training, we are 100% committed to giving you the finest and most comprehensive dog training available in the industry today. We won’t ever just hand you some information and expect you to do the rest of the work. We believe in setting definite training goals and we will not be happy until we have completed all of them and have a dog that is well-trained and an integral part of you and your family’s daily lives.

Our training approach is based on rewarding dogs for doing things right and never involves punishment in any, way shape of form. By providing positive feedback throughout the entire training process and teaching you how to do it yourself, this training is powerful and will last over time.

At Old Town Dog Training, we show you how to be a better dog owner and by using our methods, it is both satisfying and empowering. You will learn how re-establish your connection with your dog, as we guide you through the proper steps from beginning to end.

So, reach out to us today and start creating a new life for you and your dog! Call us at 800.649.7297, or contact us using our contact form and let’s get started on this amazing journey.